Flight instructor training. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to teach pilotage from scratch.

FI(A) Flight Instructor Qualifications

Integrated instructor course

Under the guidance of our experienced staff, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to teach pilotage from scratch.

The FI(A) license is a license that will allow you to infect young pilots with your aviation passion! As a flight instructor, you will not only fulfill your vocation to transfer knowledge, but above all you will gain experience necessary at the future stages of your aviation career.
As the old saying goes, by teaching others, we learn best ourselves.

Integrated instructor course It consists of 45 hours of theoretical individual classes with an instructor + 80 hours of long briefing.

In order to convey the widest range of competences in the training, we use both our aircraft models at the same time – the excellent piloting Piper PA-38 Tomahawk and the modern, equipped with a glass cockpit, Viper SD-4.


Theory PLN 21 600

Theory and practic 26 500 PLN

Training materials: FREE


a copy of the CPL(A) license – scan*.

flight on aircraft according to the indications of instruments – the requirement is at least 10 hours of flight time under instruments, of which 5 hours may be completed in an FSTD – as defined in FCL.010 “instrument flight time” means the time during which a pilot
aircraft in flight solely by reference to instruments (“blank”, IR(A) training).

PIC raid on aircraft in navigation flights – the requirement is a minimum of 20 hours – as defined by FCL.010 “Nighting flight” means a flight between the point of departure and the point of arrival on a pre-planned route using standard navigation procedures.

total flight time on single-engine piston aircraft– requirement of at least 30 hours.

total flight time on single-engine piston airplanes in the period of 6 months preceding the inspection flight – requirement of at least 5 hours.

the date of the VFR PIC cross-country flight of a minimum distance of 540 km (300 NM) in which a full stop landing was made at 2 aerodromes other than the take-off aerodrome.

if the test flight has already taken place, please provide the date before the start of the theoretical training, the date of the test flight and a copy of its certificate. If the check flight has not yet taken place, please provide the data the day before the check flight.

* it is possible to obtain the FI(A) license for PPL(A) holders). In this case, you need to prepare:
a copy of the PPL(A) license
confirmation of meeting the theoretical knowledge requirements for the CPL(A) license, with the exception of an FI(A) instructor training only for the LAPL(A) license – a report from the CPL(A)/ATPL(A) theoretical exam or a copy of the license with an annotation about passing the exam in the above-mentioned scope.
– performance confirmation at least 200 hours of flight time in airplanes or TMGs, of which 150 hours as PIC


at the Polish Flight Academy for the PPL(A) partner program organized by ATO NOBLE WINGS.