Airline Transport Pilot License

Original training program based on the experience of the PASS ATPL project as well as materials and the modern CBT Evionica ATPL platform

Our original ATPL training program is based on the experience of cooperation with over 300 students, whom we prepared for exams at the Civil Aviation Authority.

As the first center in Poland, we have introduced a modern and perfectly matched tool, which is CBT Evionica. Each subject contains well-designed materials to help you understand the ATPL(A) exam topics. The system works on any device.

The basis of our classes are the issues that cause the greatest problems for students. We focus primarily on computational subjects (Gen Nav, Performance, Flight Planning, Mass and Balance), because we believe that well-explained tasks (often highly scored in exams) are a guarantee of success.

Classes in the field of competence of 100 KSA are conducted only with the participation of the best professionals in the industry – instructors-captains and aviation psychologists working, among others, in in LOT Polish Airlines, perfectly knowing the needs and the necessary package of competences sought by airlines.

Why choose our course

  • small groups guaranteeing an individual approach to each student;
  • support of lecturers at the stage of the entire training;
  • original teaching methods based on mnemonics;
  • the modern CBT Evionica tool, which, thanks to its high efficiency, reduces e-learning time to 551 hours;
  • 5 weekend descents;
  • 100 KSA classes using the B737 simulator;
  • classes with very experienced captain-instructors who will familiarize you with the principles of “linear” flying and CRM as part of the 100 KSA training, with many years of experience in conducting ATPL(A) and ATPL(H) training


  • valid medical certificate of at least class 2;
  • over 17 years old;
  • a valid PPL(A) license or higher;


The course includes 5 weekend sessions 90 hours stationary (Saturday and Sunday). The rest of the training is carried out using e-learning and lasts about 4 months (551 hours):

  • Classes 100 KSA with an aviation psychologist
  • Aviation law and air traffic control procedures
  • 130 / 5 000 Wyniki tłumaczenia Tłumaczenie star_border General knowledge of the aircraft: airframe structure and systems, electrical installation, powerplant and emergency equipment
  • Aircraft General Knowledge: Instrumentation
  • Flight execution and planning
  • Mass and balance
  • Performance
  • Flight planning and monitoring
  • Human – performance limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Principales of flight
  • Communication


We invite you to sign up for the ATPL(A) + 100 KSA course

start 3-4.02.2024


Training takes place in the GA terminal of the Wrocław Strachowice airport (EPWR)
street Skarżyńskiego 36
54-530 Wrocław


  • 17 years or older
  • a valid PPL(A) license or higher;
  • valid medical certificate of at least class 2;


  • Individual approach to each student thanks to small groups (up to 18 people)
  • Access to the CBT Evionica ATPL(A) e-learning platform
  • Support of our instructors throughout the exam period


6999,00 PLN

The price includes FREE participation in the PASS ATPL EXAM workshop


at the Polish Flight Academy for the PPL(A) partner program organized by ATO NOBLE WINGS.

To register for the ATPL(A) course, write us an e-mail at:

In the subject of the email write: ATPL(A) WROCŁAW

In the email: enter the date of the course