Familiarization flight

We invite you to break away from reality and experience a fantastic adventure in three dimensions. We will show you what the world of aviation looks like from its most beautiful and exciting side.

Have you ever wondered how much the perspective of perceiving the world from a bird’s eye view changes?

We have confirmed many times that the view of the panorama of Wrocław in the light of the setting sun evokes an involuntary smile in 99% of our students.

The original “FIRST START” program of familiarization flights developed by Noble Wings Academy will help make your dreams of flying come true. Together with the instructor, you will submit a flight plan and after a short briefing you will go to the plane. The flight to the international airport Wrocław Strachowice will be supervised by real controllers surrounded by passenger and military aircraft. Unforgettable views of the panorama of Wrocław and the Odra River will be its perfect complement. The flight aims to familiarize you with the specifics of airplane training and check whether flying will be an adventure for you for life.

It can be a perfect gift – we will prepare an exclusive personal Voucher.





• familiarization with the aircraft;

• briefing (preparation for the first training flight);

• 30-minute training flight with an instructor;

• debriefing (discussion of selected exercises);

• souvenir photo.