Meet the Polish Flight Academy

Our proprietary ATPL training programs are based on the experience of over 150 students, whom we helped pass exams at the Civil Aviation Authority. We know exactly what students have the most problems with and we base our classes on these issues.

We spend the most time on computational subjects (Gen Nav, Performance, Flight Planning, Mass and Balance), because well-explained tasks (which are often highly scored in the exam) are a guarantee of success.

Our classes are based on issues that we encounter during exams at the Civil Aviation Authority. Our lecturers work on the current database of questions, but they also took the ATPL exams themselves, so they know the specifics of preparation and the rules of passing.

Our program is largely based on:

– session planning tactics and the appropriate combination of subjects;

– mnemonics – graphic or verbal ways of remembering the most important issues;

– learning to use calculators – air sliders – and other teaching aids that can be used during the session;

– learning how to use question databases effectively.

Our lecturers will prepare you to pass the ATPL exams 100%.

Polish Flight Academy conducts trainings:

#Kurs ATPL(A) Warszawa # Kurs CPL(H) Warszawa # Kurs ATPL(H) Warszawa

#Kurs ATPL(A) Wrocław # Kurs ATPL(H) Wrocław